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I partner closely with families to advocate for their students. Hear what some of my clients have to say. 

"I was fortunate enough to be put in contact with Laura Dennison around the time of my daughter’s first IEP meeting. Laura was efficient, responsive, and professional. She was able to review my daughter’s file quickly and get back to me promptly with valuable insights and practical tips for communicating with the IEP team. Laura’s advice was very helpful in obtaining an appropriate school placement and supports for my daughter. Moreover, her personable and compassionate approach made the IEP process less stressful. It was so helpful to have such a knowledgeable, smart, and experienced advocate on our team. I will absolutely seek out her services again in the future."

"New to the Special Education world, we received a proposed IEP that raised all kinds of questions for us -- How does anyone actually measure progress in the areas they're talking about?  What does "adequate progress" look like? How will we know anything about the quality / consistency of service implementation?  We decided to hire Laura to be part of our advising team as we proceed through the IEP revision process and the first few months of service implementation. It was very important to us that our team include advocates with extensive experience in IEP development and implementation, and in particular in our school system.  As part of that team, Laura has offered helpful insights into why things are worded in particular ways, how different "pieces" of the IEP are used, and where we might seek clarification or different wording altogether.  We have been impressed with her contributions and look forward to continued work with her as we try to get the most effective supports for our child in the public school system.

'We recently hired Laura to help with some difficulties we were having with our daughter's IEP team and reevaluation. The school had written only two goals for the entire IEP, and nothing in the IEP was going to set her up for success. Laura reviewed our daughter's IEP and ETR, then wrote out very clear and concise goals and objectives that would lead to a successful school year for our daughter. Laura was able to empower us with the verbiage and resources in order to feel confident during the IEP process. We are so very grateful for her expertise and knowledge. Only wish we had found her earlier in our daughter's school career! Thank you, Laura!"

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